Cast updates: More Britney on Your Mother

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Britney Spears is finally getting some good exposure--not the "hey, put on some panties" kind of exposure. The pop queen slowed down her rapid descent to the gutter (which included a cocktail of meds, a head shaving, and a custody fight with ex-husband Kevin Federline) by making a guest appearance on CBS's How I Met Your Mother, which served both parties exceptionally.

Now it appears the two sides will do some more mutual back-scratching. Spears' appearance on the show as a love-struck secretary was supposed to be a one-off job, but is reporting that the singer will reprise her role in another episode.

As for when it will happen is anyone's guess. The Web site reports little more than the fact that Spears will return, quoting a source who said, "It was a mutual decision to work together more."

Another entertainer looking for a rebound after a rip-roaring start is Alicia Silverstone. The Clueless actress is giving television another shot, and has landed a good-looking role as star of ABC's pilot Bad Mother's Handbook, says The Hollywood Reporter. In the comedy, she'll play a 32-year-old woman caring for her 48-year-old mother and 16-year-old daughter, played by Arrested Development's Alia Shawkat.

Howie Mandel will be returning to his comedy roots with Howie Do It, says Variety. The show has been given a green light by NBC, which has not yet divulged details on the show. Mandel, who has made a comeback thanks to his gig hosting Deal or No Deal, is starring in and producing the show.

NBC has also begun casting its epic drama Crusoe, signing Philip Winchester (Flyboys) to play the lead and Anna Walton to play Crusoe's abandoned wife.

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