Cast updates: Office spin-off, 24

One of the bigger projects hitting the tube later this year is NBC's "spin-off" of The Office. Unfortunately, would-be fans don't really know what to get excited about--details on the show have yet to surface (for all we know, not even the writers know what the show will be about). The comedy may feature some characters from the Steve Carrell-led hit, or it may not--no one knows for sure.

But finally we know at least one thing: It will feature comedian Aziz Ansari of the MTV sketch show Human Giant. Variety is reporting that Ansari has signed on to be one of the show's stars, the first actor to be attached to the series.

The talk of the town now suggests that the spin-off may only be semirelated to The Office, with spin-off characters being introduced somehow on The Office before heading off on their own.

"We're focusing on making the best show we can make as a companion to The Office," executive producer Michael Schur told Variety. "We're trying to come up with the best concept and hire the funniest writers. In the next couple of weeks, we'll be making the final move to one specific idea."

From rising star to showbiz legend, Jon Voight has joined the cast of 24 for the show's seventh season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Voight will play the bad guy supporting this season's terrorist activity, and will no doubt be responsible for Kiefer Sutherland screaming, "Damn it!"

In addition to being half responsible for bringing Angelina Jolie into this world, film-heavy Voight won an Oscar in 1978 for his performance in Coming Home and starred in Midnight Cowboy. He's also had roles in his share of stinkers, including Anaconda, SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2, and Bratz.

Voight's 24 character will be introduced in the 24 prequel telefilm, which has been dated for November 23.

Elsewhere, actors Will McCormack (Dirt) and Eric Christian Olsen (Not Another Teen Movie, The Loop) will play recurring characters on ABC's Brothers & Sisters, says The Hollywood Reporter. One of them will play the new love interest of Sarah (Rachel Griffiths).

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