Cast updates: US Top Gear finds driver

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**Spoiler for Heroes season three further down below! Read at your own risk!! You have been warned!**

When it comes to nonfiction shows, few get auto fetishists' motors running like the BBC's Top Gear. The show combines the glamour of the world's fastest cars, humorous on-location segments, and talk-show-type interviews with celebs from film and the auto-racing circuit.

But real fans of the show will tell you that the program's strength lies in its trio of incredibly skilled hosts. Top Gear is emceed by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, who take turns making fun of one another and nearly dying in car crashes--it's all a lot of fun.

So when NBC ordered a pilot for an American version of the show earlier this year, fans of the original were understandably nervous. And with celebrities like Jay Leno rumored to be in the driver's seat for hosting duties, many thought the show was already a major wreck.

NBC has finally revealed the show's host, and it isn't Leno. However, depending on one's opinion, it's either a lot worse or a lot better. The Man Show's Adam Carolla will take Clarkson's role on the US version of the show, and he'll be accompanied by rally- and drift-racer Tanner Foust and "TV construction guru" Eric Stromer, the network announced.

The show will mimic the UK version, featuring celebs racing against one another in various vehicles, wacky stunts, and comedic interludes. No word on whether mysterious uber-racer "The Stig" will participate.

In addition to The Man Show and a stint on Dancing with the Stars, Carolla has parlayed his voice into a long career. He's provided the voice for Spanky the Ham in Drawn Together and Death in Family Guy, and was the longtime cohost of teen-help call-in show Loveline on television and radio.

Before NBC had Heroes, one superhero ruled television: The Greatest American Hero. Heroes producers are giving a nod to the early-'80s program by bringing that show's lead in for a guest spot.

**Heroes spoiler begins here--continue at your own risk!!**

William Katt, who played the semi-afroed teacher that discovers a suit (that just happens to be red spandex!) that grants him superpowers, will appear on Heroes, according to fan site

"I play a really, really wonderful, seedy, smarmy-mouthed reporter that goes after Ali Larter," Katt told the Web site, letting a bit of a spoiler slip. "She hogged me, she wanted me all to herself."

Larter's character was last seen in the season two finale inside a house that exploded, leading some to suspect that the fetching blonde may have been killed off. After all, what blonde can survive inside a house that explodes? ( about Lost's Claire?) But apparently, Larter's character will be least for part of season three.

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