Castle Has Daddy Issues

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So Monday's episode of Castle was cute. We learned a few fun facts about each of the team members—Beckett (Stana Katic) turns into a bumbling fangirl at the sight of former New York Yankees Manager Joe Torre, Esposito (Jon Huertas) can speak fluent Spanish, and Ryan's (Seamus Dever) girlfriend has him totally whipped.

But fun facts aside, this episode was missing some key elements. One, where the hell was Lainie Parish (Tamala Jones)? Medical examiner Sidney Perlmutter (Arye Gross) is not sassy and, therefore, really boring. And two, wasn't this episode supposed to reveal something really huge about Castle's (Nathan Fillion) father? I'm not saying I was expecting to meet him in this episode (though it would have been a fun twist for Torre to have guest-starred as Castle The First instead of himself). But what we did find out was a let-down.

So what was the big "shocker"? That Castle doesn't know who his real father is, and more importantly, that he has no desire to find out. I'd like to have a bit more faith in the writers that they won't let this storyline end here. It would be so interesting! Plus, it would involve all the characters; obviously Castle's daughter Alexis (Molly C. Quinn) and mother Martha (Susan Sullivan) would be crucial to the "investigation," but Beckett and her boys would stick their noses in, too. Besides, once Beckett's mother's murder is solved, we'll need something else to tie the whole show together. And isn't Castle called Castle for a reason?

Did you like the episode? Do you think we'll find out more about Castle's father in future episodes? Or does the story end here?

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