CBS' 2011-2012 Schedule: New Nights for The Good Wife and CSI

CBS gave its schedule a makeover Wednesday morning, when it announced its lineup for the 2011-2012 season. In addition to adding new shows throughout the week, some major franchises are on the move: CSI, once a juggernaut on Thursday nights, will relocate to Wednesdays at 10pm. And new critical favorite The Good Wife is getting a bit of a promotion, exchanging its 10pm Tuesday slot for Sundays at 9pm. Here's what else The Eye has in store for next season (all times subject to change):

Mondays: Mondays next season will look a lot like Mondays this season, with the exception of new comedy 2 Broke Girls, about two young women just trying to get by. It will grab the 8:30pm slot, right after How I Met Your Mother and right before the revamped Two and a Half Men with new man Ashton Kutcher. Mike & Molly and Hawaii Five-0 round out the night.

Tuesdays: NCIS night! The original is followed by its Los Angeles spin-off, repeating this season's one-two punch. The franchise will lead into new series Unforgettable at 10pm. Unforgettable is a procedural that follows a female detective who can remember everything—except the details of her sister's unsolved murder. How inconvenient!

Wednesdays: Survivor heads to the South Pacific this fall as it runs out of places to play games. Criminal Minds stays at 9pm, and the new kid on the Wednesday block is veteran CSI at 10pm. This is probably CBS' biggest move, but it can afford to move CSI because its schedule is so strong.

Person of Interest." link="/person-of-interest/show/80967/summary.html" target="_blank" loc="left">

Thursdays: CBS took an interesting approach to the Thursday-night fight for eyeballs, adding two new shows to one of TV's busiest nights. The Big Bang Theory anchors the evening at 8pm, with CBS hoping that can boost new comedy How to Be a Gentleman at 8:30pm. J.J. Abrams' Person of Interest—starring Lost's Michael Emerson as a billionaire who finances an ex-CIA agent (Jim Caviezel) who fights crime—will air at 9pm. CBS must have high hopes for the show to put it such a high-profile slot. The Mentalist ends the evening at 10pm.

Fridays: CBS isn't taking Friday off, starting things off at 8pm with new show A Gifted Man, about a doctor who gets advice from his dead wife. Bubble survivor CSI: NY and Blue Bloods follow at 9pm and 10pm, respectively.

Saturdays: While the other networks are out on dates or recovering from hangovers on Saturday, CBS will try something different by offering new episodes of Rules of Engagement at 8pm. That will be followed by repeats (one comedy, one drama). New TV on a Saturday? I'm impressed, CBS!

Sundays: The Amazing Race stays put on Sundays, but it will have a new buddy in The Good Wife, which moves into the 9pm slot. That's followed by CSI: Miami at 10pm.

So far, only the Robert De Niro-produced The 2-2 is planned as a new midseason show. Formerly titled Rookies, it's an ensemble cop drama starring Leelee Sobieski.

What do you think of CBS' new schedule?

CBS' Fall 2011-2012 schedule

(New programs in UPPER CASE and bold)

8-8:30 pm — How I Met Your Mother
8:30-9 pm — 2 BROKE GIRLS
9-9:30 pm — Two and a Half Men
9:30 - 10 pm — Mike & Molly
10-11 pm — Hawaii Five-0


8-9 pm — NCIS
9-10 pm — NCIS: Los Angeles


8-9 pm — Survivor

9-10 pm — Criminal Minds

10-11 pm — CSI


8-8:30 pm — The Big Bang Theory
10-11 pm — The Mentalist

8-9 pm — A GIFTED MAN
9-10 pm — CSI:NY

10-11 pm — Blue Bloods

8-8:30 pm — Rules of Engagement
8:30-9 pm — Comedy repeat
9-10 pm — Drama repeat
10-11 pm — 48 Hours Mystery


8-9 pm — The Amazing Race

9-10 pm — The Good Wife
10-11 pm — CSI: Miami


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