CBS Announces Its 2012 Fall Premiere Dates (They're In Normal, Traditional Late September)

New drama Vegas stars Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis.

If there’s one TV network we can count on to uphold tradition, it’s CBS. The Eye announced its premiere dates this morning and unlike NBC (which is kicking off its fall season in August), Fox (which is sprinkling premieres throughout September and October), and The CW (which is holding its new and returning fall shows until October), “America’s Most-Watched Network” is conducting business as usual, debuting nearly all of its new and returning shows during a single, condensed "official premiere week" (Survivor is the lone exception). For the 2012–2013 TV season, that means Monday, September 24 through Sunday, September 30.

CBS is the fourth of the five (or four-and-a-half, depending on your opinion of The CW) major networks to announce its fall premiere dates; we’re still waiting on ABC's. So far we’re looking at a relatively staggered premiere schedule, with NBC taking August and early September, CBS going all-out in late September, Fox spreading its dates throughout September and October, and The CW not even showing up to the premiere party until October (the cable premieres that have been announced so far are pretty spread out). Plan your TV accordingly!

New shows listed in ALL CAPS.

Wednesday, September 19
8–9:30pm — Survivor: Philippines (Season 25 premiere)

Monday, September 24
8–8:30pm — How I Met Your Mother (Season 8 premiere)
8:30–9pm — PARTNERS (Series premiere)
9–9:30pm — 2 Broke Girls (Season 2 premiere)
9:30–10pm — Mike & Molly (Season 3 premiere)
10–11pm — Hawaii Five-0 (Season 3 premiere)

Tuesday, September 25
8–9pm — NCIS (Season 10 premiere)
9–10pm — NCIS: Los Angeles (Season 4 premiere)
10–11pm — VEGAS (Series premiere)

Wednesday, September 26
9–10pm — Criminal Minds (Season 8 premiere)
10–11pm — CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Season 13 premiere)

Thursday, September 27
8–8:30pm — The Big Bang Theory (Season 6 premiere)
8:30–9pm — Two and a Half Men (Season 10 premiere)
9–10pm — Person of Interest (Season 2 premiere)
10–11pm — ELEMENTARY (Series premiere)

Friday, September 28
8–9pm — CSI: NY (Season 9 premiere)
9–10pm — MADE IN JERSEY (Series premiere)
10–11pm — Blue Bloods (Season 3 premiere)

Saturday, September 29
10–11pm — 48 Hours Mystery (Season 26 premiere)

Sunday, September 30
7–8pm — 60 Minutes (Season 45 premiere)
8–9pm — The Amazing Race (Season 21 premiere)
9–10pm — The Good Wife (Season 4 premiere)
10–11pm — The Mentalist (Season 5 premiere)

Which CBS shows will you be tuning into this fall?

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