CBS Bangs Up Thursdays

Thursday was one of last season's toughest TV days, a bloodbath with hit shows from all genres. Things are only slightly easier this year, but with CBS moving The Big Bang Theory to this night, repercussions are being felt all over.

(All ratings information is from TV By the Numbers. Ratings and share are for the 18-49 year old demographic.)

8:00pm - 9:00pm

The Big Bang Theory, CBS: 13.95 million viewers, 4.8/15 rating/share
It's official. The Big Bang Theory is a juggernaut. And it crushed everything in its path.

$#*! My Dad Says (8:30), CBS: 12.48 million, 3.9/12
How big is Big Bang? It mesmerized audiences into sticking around for this show, which is awful. The Toronto Sun called it a "disaster," and The San Francisco Chronicle hopes CBS never goes on the internet again. I just think it's a piece of $#*!.

Bones, Fox: 9.79 million, 2.7/8
Consistency earns renewals. Bones is doing just fine.

30 Rock (8:30), NBC: 5.85 million, 2.6/8
When more people watch a Twitter comedy than Emmy-winner 30 Rock, it's a sad statement about society.

Community, NBC: 5.01 million, 2.2/7
Ouch. This hurts. My favorite network comedy got crushed by Big Bang. Time to start sending gift boxes to NBC, 'cause I gave the season premiere a check-plus.

My Generation, ABC: 5.22 million, 1.6/5
This new ABC drama struggled in its premiere, grabbing CW-type numbers. The Washington Post called it "a bad ABC afternoon special." Ouch. At least our own Stefanie Lee likes it!

The Vampire Diaries, CW: 3.57 million, 1.6/5
3.57 million on The CW? Daaaaaaaaaang!

9:00pm - 10:00pm

Grey's Anatomy, ABC: 14.04 million viewers, 5.3/14
Cristina and Owen got married or something. Who are Cristina and Owen? I have no idea, but Entertainment Weekly said the premiere episode reinvigorated the series. And user "losershorts" is "pumped for this season and seeing where this re-birth theme goes." I'm much more inclined to trust one of our users than sycophantic EW.

The Office, NBC: 8.40 million, 4.3/11
It's not the ratings stud it used to be, but it's still performing just fine. Sadly, our own Steve Heisler was disappointed in the season premiere. Get used to it, Steve. Life isn't fair.

Outsourced (9:30), NBC: 7.44 million, 3.5/9
I'm speechless. I guess first-episode curiosity got the best of 7.44 million people, because I don't know how anyone watched this. Let's see how it does next week.

CSI, CBS: 14.57 million, 3.4/9
Is this a typo? Outsourced out-rated CSI? CBS' procedural had nearly double the viewers, but performed worse among 18-49 year olds. I'm guessing it isn't a bunch of 12-year olds who are tuning into CSI, either.

Fringe, Fox: 5.83 million, 2.1/6
The premiere was great, but another disappointing ratings showing for one of the better shows on TV right now. How long will it be before the Fringe cancellation talk starts? DVR viewing should help this one more than others.

Nikita, CW: 3.22 million, 1.1/3
Another 3+ million show for The CW, thanks to The Vampire Diaries.

10:00pm - 11:00pm

The Mentalist, CBS: 15.33 million, 3.3/10
Wow, even more viewers than CSI and an even smaller number in ratings. Sounds like a bunch of old people left their TVs on when they fell asleep on their couches.

Private Practice, ABC: 9.02 million, 3.3/10
Grey's Anatomy's little sister will never live up to its older sibling. Ever.

The Apprentice, NBC: 3.85 million, 1.4/4
These numbers are simply crummy. Bring back the celebs, Trump!

What do you make of the ratings for your favorite Thursday-night show? Is it in danger? Will it be around for a while?

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