CBS Dumps Partners After Six (It's Only Been Six?) Episodes

The man who presses the Cancellation Button at CBS finally returned from vacation today and immediately got to work. CBS has canceled its gay-straight buddy comedy Partners, the low-rated and not-liked new sitcom from the creators of Will & Grace. By CBS's high standards for comedies, this show has been dead for a long time, but the network let it last six episodes probably out of respect for its creators. Or because it doesn't have much waiting in the wings. Or because someone just wasn't paying attention.

Partners was sandwiched between How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls on Monday nights, and was a stain on CBS's otherwise solid evening. The most recent episode pulled in a 1.8 rating in the adult demo, which is decent if your business card says anything but CBS; compared to HIMYM (3.0) and 2 Broke Girls (3.2), it's crap. And with The Big Bang Theory hitting a series high last night with 17.4 million viewers (Monday's Partners drew 5.48 million viewers), Partners is definitely the disappointing son who never got his act together and needed to be kicked out of the house.

Partners has been pulled immediately, never to be seen again (except maybe on a Saturday night down sometime the road). In the meantime, CBS will air comedy repeats in the 8:30pm Monday slot.

On the plus side, the talented Michael Urie, who was relegated to a gay stereotype on the show, now has a clear schedule. Where would you like to see him end up? If he isn't the centerpiece of one of Person of Interest's cases this season, I'll be piping mad!

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