CBS gets wireless mascot

CBS Digital Media announced today that O.C. actress Ashley Hartman will become CBS's first "wireless hostess." In her new capacity, Hartman will serve as an onscreen guide to users of CBS's wireless products.

As such, Hartman will appear on mobile phones, in videos and alerts, as well as on CBS Web sites, where consumers purchase CBS mobile content such as CBS News alerts, Entertainment Tonight clips, and previews of upcoming fall shows. The network hopes users will associate its wireless content with the youthful brand that an actress like Hartman represents.

"Having a personality that consumers associate with CBS Mobile is going to make it easier for users to identify and navigate CBS's wireless offerings," said Cyriac Roeding, vice president of wireless at CBS Digital Media. "CBS is the first major media company to exclusively sign a 'face for wireless'...who is dynamic, entertaining and a great hostess for our mobile content on carrier video portals and the web."

Hartman first appeared as a semifinalist in season two of reality titan American Idol. She followed up with a recurring role on The O.C. and appearances on the short-lived Andy Richter sitcom Quintuplets.

In May, The CW announced that Yoanna House, winner of season two America's Next Top Model, would be the celebrity face of that network's new media campaign.

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guess they're trying to make the news much more "sexy" these days...
Work is work.

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