CBS Going with Life Swapping Reality Show

... Do you have a friend named Brad Pitt who isn't a chiseled Adonis? CBS is counting on regular Joes with celebrity names to swap places with their A-list counterparts for a new reality experiment called The Same Name. Maybe I will get to change places with that famous Canadian lobster farmer that has my name! [The Live Feed]

... FX has given the greenlight to Wilfred, the adaptation of the Australian comedy about a pot-smoking, alcoholic dog that causes havoc in his owner's new relationship. In the show, Elijah Wood plays a man who sees the titular dog as a man in a dog suit, while everyone else sees it as a normal pooch. Expect the 13-episode season to start next summer. [The Live Feed]

... A TV version of Waiting, that movie about restaurant workers, has been given a pilot order. Comedy Central is giving the 2005 film a shot at the small screen. [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC is teaming with Jamie Foxx for the drama Tommy's Little Girl. The show, about a girl who is raised by the mob, orphaned after rivals kill her family, grows up to become a lawyer by day and killer by night, and goes on a revenge spree, is described as Le Femme Nikita meets The Sopranos. It will star Selma Blair. There's no way this will work on network TV. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Bravo is bulking up its slate by opening up Sundays to original programming. The network is moving The Real Housewives of Atlanta to Sundays, because that's a good way to wind down after a long mass at church. [The Live Feed]

... Robert Knepper, better known as T-Bag from Prison Break and the carnival dude from Heroes, has found a new role as a complete jerk on television. Knepper will appear in two episodes of Showtime's new show Shameless as a goon who hunts down William H. Macy's character. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The creator of Rocky and Bullwinkle has passed away. Alexander Anderson, who long lived without getting proper credit for creating the popular cartoon, passed away at the age of 90 in Carmel, California. [Time]

... The US adaptation of Torchwood is debuting this summer on Starz, and we have some juicy casting rumors. The new characters include CIA agent Rex Matheson, who is being circled by Dollhouse vet Enver Gjokaj and One Tree Hill's Chad Michael Murray. I vote for Enver. Another new character, CIA agent Esther Katusi, is being looked at by Greek's Amber Stevens. [EW]

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Have they actually gotten celebrities to agree to that life swap show, because I doubt A-list stars are going to agree to that because they are A-list celebrities.
here's hoping for Enver!
Where do I sign up for that CBS show? I've got the same name as a celebrity (well, two, actually) for my entire life, and I'd love to finally get to be like "Yes, I share her name. NO, we're not related, nor can I sing/do I pose naked for photos." :P

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