CBS has digital plans

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CBS is getting exanding its digital domain.

The eye has named Quincy Smith as president of the newly formed CBS Interactive, reporting directly to CBS CEO Les Moonves. Smith will oversee Innertube, CBS,, and

Smith comes from investment firm Allen & Company, where he was involved in many new-media transactions.

"Quincy Smith is one of the smartest, most forward thinking executives working in new media today," said Moonves in a statement. "This announcement is particularly significant because it reflects our belief that the future of media lies increasingly in the interactive realm."

CBS is already beefing up its premiere online content. The net announced it is airing a previously passed-on pilot, The Papdits, on its Innertube site, with the possiblity of it becoming a full-fledged Web series.

The Papdits is a reality-scripted hybrid from former Da Ali G Show writer Ant Hines. The Papdits are a fictional family from Kashmir who travel the US via RV. The show is being compared to Sasha Baron Cohen's Borat.

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