CBS Is Making a Modern-Day Sherlock Holmes


... CBS loves procedurals that feature hard-nosed sleuths, whether those hard-nosed sleuths are in the Navy (NCIS), Miami (CSI: Miami), or just too darned handsome for words (The Mentalist). But who is the best sleuth of all time? That's elementary, it's Sherlock Holmes, holmes. CBS is developing a modern-day take on the character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Unforgettable and A Gifted Man EPs Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly will executive produce. [Deadline Hollywood]

... USA, home of hour-long dramas Burn Notice and Psych, is trying its hand at half-hour comedies. First up in the development pipeline is a project for Nathan Lane about a Broadway hopeful who puts his career dreams on hold to tend to his ailing father in Texas. Next is Paging Dr. Freed, which follows two brothers who inherit their dad's medical practice after he croaks. Sounds like a pretty slow start. [THR]

... Without a Trace and The Defenders showrunner Greg Walker has sold a project to CBS based on the book Red on Red by Edward Conlon. The story is about a detective, just as every show on CBS is about a detective of some sort. This one's asked to tattle on his new partner, a legend in the force. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Lifetime has ordered ten episodes of 24 Hour Catwalk, a new fashion competition show in which designers create something in one day. It will be hosted by Alexa Chung, and the three judges will be people I've never heard of because I haven't worn real pants in years. [Deadline Hollywood]

... TNT is developing Tom Clancy's Homeland Security, a procedural from the famous military thriller author. The drama features special agents who battle terrorist threats both inside and outside the United States. [Variety]

... Fox is working with Jennifer Lopez and Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta on a family dramedy about three sisters in a Latino family. Get this: The idea for the show came from Fox boss Kevin Reilly. So the network president comes up with an idea, then hires a singer and the man whose claim to fame is that he adapted an idea from another country to executive produce it? If this gets past the cocktail napkin stage, I'll be impressed. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Bill Lawrence makes TV shows. That's what he does. The Scrubs creator has sold another project, this time to Fox. It's based on his own life and revolves around a father-son relationship. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Michael J. Fox is returning to The Good Wife for a handful of episodes this season to reprise his role as Alicia's nemesis Louis Canning. Have you ever noticed that Michael J. Fox has gone through life with just one hairstyle? It's incredible! [TV Line]

... Bones has cast Andrew Leeds (Dirt, Nip/Tuck) as its season-long bad guy. He'll play a hacker/activist who somehow manages to kill people while under house arrest. [TV Line]


... The Playboy Club star Laura Benanti is posing for Playboy, the magazine! Ahh-OOOOOO-GA! But she won't be nude. Booo. But the issue, which will feature other nude women, is going throwback with a 60-cent pricetag! Cha-Ching! Various other cartoonish sound effects! [TV Line]

... If you were thinking the world isn't going completely to Hell, this should fix that. Bravo is partnering with ConAgra Foods to produce a line of Top Chef-branded frozen entrees. See you in hell, everybody! [Broadcasting & Cable]

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