CBS Puts Fear of Sheldon in NBC's Schedule

Yesterday I commented that there hadn't been many big shakeups in network schedules for next season, with returning programs remaining in the same slots they were in this season. Chuck is still on Mondays, Fringe sticks to Thursdays, Modern Family stays put on Wednesdays, and so on. Well, leave it to CBS to throw their weight around and blow up the landscape.

In the biggest move of the upfronts yet, CBS is moving The Big Bang Theory from its Monday night slot, where it anchored a solid comedy block with Two and a Half Men, to Thursdays. That shriek you heard was NBC's boss Jeff Zucker crying. On the comedy front, Thursdays have typically belonged to NBC and long-running series The Office and 30 Rock, but The Big Bang Theory has quickly become CBS' most-prized comedy, and moving it to Thursdays could mess with NBC's mojo.

Big Bang will air at 8pm--slotting it directly against Community--and will lead into the new William Shatner series $#*! My Dad Says, a comedy based on some dude's Twitter account (kill me now), which goes up against 30 Rock. Networks usually plan their comedy blocks around other networks' comedy nights, so this move appears to be a direct assault on NBC.

With Big Bang moving to Thursdays, Survivor returns to its old slot of Wednesday at 8pm. The CSI spinoffs, which are expected to do fine wherever they're placed, also move to new slots: CSI: Miami to Sundays at 10, and CSI: NY to Fridays at 9.

The moves weren't just made to piss off other networks (though NBC's tears must taste sweet), they'll also help the network's new shows gain a foothold. In addition to the Big Bang boost for $#*! My Dad Says, Two and a Half Men will lead into Chuck Lorre's latest Mike and Molly, a comedy about an overweight couple. And that leads into CBS' most anticipated newbie, Hawaii Five-O.

All this on top of the seven shows that CBS canceled. What happened to the good old days of keeping things the same, CBS?

Here's CBS' 2010-2011 fall schedule:
(New shows in CAPS)

8pm How I Met Your Mother
8:30pm Rules of Engagement
9pm Two and a Half Men

8pm NCIS
9pm NCIS: Los Angeles
10pm The Good Wife

8pm Survivor
9pm Criminal Minds

8pm The Big Bang Theory
8:30pm $#*! MY DAD SAYS
9pm CSI
10pm The Mentalist

8pm Medium
9pm CSI: New York

8pm The Amazing Race
9pm Undercover Boss
10pm CSI: Miami

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