CBS Renews Big Brother

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... Big Brother is watching you You will be watching Big Brother, for another season at least. CBS has renewed its reality show for a 14th edition, probably because it only costs the network about $3,000 to make. So go ahead and spend your rent money on cheeseballs, because you'll be living on CBS' dime once your Big Brother contestant application goes through. [CBS, via press release]

... If there's one thing TV needs, it's more shows about detectives. NBC to the rescue! The network is developing Blue Tilt, starring Ethan Hawke and Vincent D'Onofrio as a pair of detectives who must deal with the stress of the job while maintaining their personal lives. Just once, I'd like to see a TV detective say "F*** MY PERSONAL LIFE!" like Jimmy McNulty from The Wire. That guy knew what was up. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Adapting comic books is getting so popular that every new comic-to-TV adaptation seems to be for a comic I've never heard of. Fox is working on a TV version of The Spectre, about a dead cop who goes after live crooks on behalf of the dead. Listen, if the superhero never had his/her own line of Underoos, I don't know who they are. [Deadline Hollywood]

... You guys like Casey Wilson, right? The SNL vet has a comedy cooking at ABC called Walk of Shame. You know, that thing that you someday hope to do after a night of passionate, anonymous sex with a handsome stranger but can't because you still won't let go of that girl/guy/goat you kissed in eighth grade. No real details on the show yet, except that it's a—you guessed it—ensemble of twentysomethings, New York-based laughapalooza. [Deadline Hollywood]

... National Geographic Channel, or "NatGeo" if you're texting, has picked up three reality shows: Goldfather, about Alaskan prospectors; American Gypsies, because gypsies are hot right now; and Navajo Cops, about police in the Southwest. [Variety]


... Hawaii Five-0 is slowly becoming Lost 2.0. Jin and John Locke are already on the island, and joining them will be Alex! Tania Raymonde (anyone know if she's still dating Jeff Goldblum? *barf*) will guest-star as a woman who's cheating on her husband with a volleyball coach. Those volleyball coaches... always so sleazy! [EW]

... Two new actors have joined FX's WTF-fest American Horror Story. Morris Chesnut, last seen as a lizard on V, will appear in multiple episodes as a black guy. (Hey, what do you want me to do? There are no details yet!) Sarah Paulson (Deadwood) will play a medium named Billie Dean for four episodes. [Variety/E! Online]

... Jersey Shore's Vinnie, also known as the only tolerable one, will guest-star on The CW's 90210. Vinnie will play a celebrity poker player when the 90210ers go to Vegas in November. [TV Line]

... Raising Hope has enlisted '70s icons Lee Majors and Shirley Jones to play the Burt's (Garrett Dillahunt) parents. Groovy! And other things they said in the '70s. [TV Line]


... PBS' Downton Abbey, your grandmother's favorite show, might actually be amazing. The drama has received a Guinness World Record for "highest critical review ratings for a TV show." Meaning it will be canceled to make room for America's Worst Doctors, Mario Lopez's Celebrity Pilates, and/or Generic Singing Competition #3. [Deadline Hollywood]

... This is pretty funny, actually. Real Housewives of D.C. husband Tareq Salahi called the police today believing that his wife, Michaele Salahi, had been abducted. But wait, it gets funnier. Turns out Michaele hadn't been home in over a day because she ran off to Nashville with the guitarist of Journey, Neal Schon. Now that's how you dump someone. Bravo, Michaele, you self-centered, attention-seeking whore. [TMZ]

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