CBS snuffs out Guiding Light

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CBS has reshaped, rebuffed, and reshuffled its schedule countless times since 1952, but there's always been one show on the schedule that's been consistent--Guiding Light. That's all coming to end, as CBS has decided to end the soap's 57-year television run.

Guiding Light is the longest running show in broadcast history, having first graced televisions in 1952. Prior to that, the drama got its start on the radio in 1937. The show has won more than 60 Daytime Emmy awards--quite a feat considering the Daytime Emmys didn't start until the show had already been on for 20 years.

CBS has announced it will not pick up Guiding Light for the 2009-2010 season, with the show ending its CBS run this September.

However, producers are still searching for a way to keep the show on air.

"We are honored to have been welcomed into the homes of multiple generations of Guiding Light viewers," said Brian T. Cahill of TeleNext Media, Inc., the show's producers. "We are working hard to find the show a new home, and we are exploring all our options to continue to bring loyal fans the characters and stories they love."

Daytime soap operas, once a staple of the afternoon hours, are now facing extinction thanks to a downturned economy and the prevalence of syndicated talk shows.

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