CBS taking fight to UFC

Everyone knew that a Writers Guild of America strike would mean more reality television. As Fight Club's Tyler Durden might say, what could be more real than getting punched in the face?

In that case, CBS may be getting some incredibly real reality television to fill in airtime during the ongoing strike. The network, which has a reputation of being one of the more conservative networks in the industry, is in talks to pact with mixed-martial arts fighting league The Ultimate Fighting Championship, says The Los Angeles Times.

Details on the potential deal haven't been disclosed, but it would seem that prime time specials could help alleviate a dry programming schedule.

UFC features one-on-one fighting between two combatants in "The Octagon," an eight-sided ring. Multiple fighting disciplines are accepted, with winners beating their opponents into submission or referees stopping the fights on account of potential serious injury.

The UFC is one of professional sports' fastest rising stars, with UFC shows airing on Spike TV and Pay-Per-View.

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