CBS's 2012-2013 Schedule: Two and a Half Men Moves to Thursdays, The Mentalist to Sundays

With a bajillion returning shows, we didn't expect CBS's schedule to change that much between this season and next, but the few changes the network did make were made were pretty big. The Eye is taking aim at Thursdays, moving a longtime franchise and one of its biggest new shows to the night in hopes of crushing NBC's comedy block for good, X-ing out Simon Cowell's eyes, and putting Seattle Grace in the ICU. Aside from that, it's pretty much 2011-2012 all over again.

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The big difference here is the ousting of Two And a Half Men from the prime 9pm slot. 2 Broke Girls now has the task of anchoring CBS's Monday comedy block; can it draw viewers like Kutcher, Cryer, and the kid? New comedy Partners, about two guys whose friendship is put to the test when one of them gets engaged, fits snugly between How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls, right where it belongs. Mike & Molly and Hawaii Five-0 stay put at 9:30pm and 10pm, respectively.


No changes to "A Night of NCIS." The original is followed by the Los Angeles variety, which leads into one of CBS's biggest new projects. Vegas, starring Dennis Quaid as a sheriff in '60s Las Vegas and Michael Chiklis as the mobster who wants him dead, adds some heavy drama to the night. Everyone else is doing comedy on Tuesdays, so the night's ratings might end up with CBS way out in front while the other networks cannibalize each other.


Same as it ever was: Survivor at 8pm, Criminal Minds at 9pm, and CSI at 10pm.


It's comedy armageddon as TV's two most-watched comedies Voltron together to form Super Comedy. The Big Bang Theory and Two And a Half Men are back together again in the 8pm hour. How's that for a farewell gift, 30 Rock? Harold Finch and John Reese will watch you at 9pm in the second season of new hit Person of Interest, followed at 10pm by the second of CBS's big new shows, modern-day Sherlock Holmes drama Elementary.


While other networks are going with family comedy and science-fiction on Fridays, CBS is sticking to good old lawyerin' and coppin'. CSI: NY survives to handle the 8pm hour, new street-smart lawyer drama Made in Jersey (ugh, show titles, amirite?) takes 9pm, and Blue Bloods holds onto 10pm.


But wait! Where's The Mentalist!? Don't worry, it's here at 10pm. It's preceded by The Amazing Race and The Good Wife. CBS ought to think about adding an adjective to The Mentalist's title, for consistency's sake. The Handsome Mentalist, perhaps?

Leftovers: New comedy Friend Me, new drama Golden Boy, and new reality series The Job have been held for the midseason. Undercover Boss will also return in the midseason. CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler on Rules of Engagement: "We're discussing, we haven't made a decision yet."

Extra notes:
– There are no holes in CBS's schedule! It's another Dream Team.

– How much of a risk is it to have 2 Broke Girls anchoring the Monday comedy block? Is Kat Dennings ready?

– Which of the new dramas do you think got the best time slot?

CBS's fall 2012-2013 schedule

(New programs in ALL CAPS)


8pm - 8:30pm — How I Met Your Mother
8:30pm - 9pm — PARTNERS
9pm - 9:30pm — 2 Broke Girls
9:30pm - 10pm — Mike & Molly
10pm - 11pm — Hawaii Five-0


8pm - 9pm — NCIS
9pm - 10pm — NCIS: Los Angeles
10pm — 11pm — VEGAS


8pm - 9pm — Survivor

9pm - 10pm — Criminal Minds

10pm - 11pm — CSI


8pm - 8:30pm — The Big Bang Theory
8:30pm - 9pm — Two and a Half Men
9pm - 10pm — Person of Interest

10pm - 11pm — ELEMENTARY


8pm - 9pm — CSI: NY
9pm - 10pm — MADE IN JERSEY

10pm - 11pm — Blue Bloods

7pm - 8pm — 60 Minutes

8pm - 9pm — The Amazing Race
9pm - 10pm — The Good Wife

10pm - 11pm — The Mentalist

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