Celebrity Circus announces its carnies

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NBC's Celebrity Circus--at least they got part of the name right.

The network released the names of the performers who will participate in the debut season of its new circus-themed reality competition show, and the list may leave a few people looking up the word "celebrity" just to make sure they've got it right.

Hosting the new program, which premieres on June 11 with a 90-minute bonanza, will be former NSYNC-er Joey Fatone, who will serve as ringmaster. The roles of Iguana Boy, the Bearded Lady, and the rest of the oddities will be served by half a dozen sort-of-famous people.

The six contestants are: former supermodel Rachel Hunter, R&B; singer Blu Cantrell, actor Christopher Knight (Peter Brady from The Brady Bunch), former heartthrob Antonio Sabato Jr., former Olympic swimmer Janet Evans, and Jackass' Jason "Wee Man" Acuna.

The celebrities will compete in a variety of circus stunts, including the high wire, the trapeze, and...The Wheel of Death! Each week, viewers at home (if there are any) will vote for the best act and eliminate the worst.

Last week, ABC opted to scrap its celebrity-circus-themed show Circus of the Stars because of the similarity to Celebrity Circus and--more likely--because it had trouble finding enough quality stars to participate. Hmmm... NBC didn't seem to have a problem.

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