Celebrity Deathmatch returns to TV

Viewers who've noticed a glaring lack of televised claymation battles over the past few years need want no more, for Celebrity Deathmatch is making a triumphant return to the ring. MTV2 has picked up the series for its Sic 'Em Friday-night block and will be airing eight new episodes starting in November.

Deathmatch was an MTV hit from 1998-2002, pitting claymation renderings of stars against each other in gore-laden physical battles. The show stuck to the format of many sports shows by including play-by-play commentary, locker-room footage, press conferences, and interviews. Memorable battles include Marilyn Manson vs. Charles Manson, Monica Lewinsky vs. Hillary Clinton, and Mick Jagger vs. Steven Tyler.

David Cohn, general manager of MTV2, hopes that Celebrity Deathmatch will add to the "overall stronger attitude" of the network. "MTV2 has a cool, different, and unique tone," he says.

The original Deathmatch was created by Eric Fogel, who will not be working on the new version.

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