Celebrity Masterchefs face kids

Judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode believe out of all the tasks they set this year's celebrities, that is the toughest of all.

John said: "These guys have to cook for the harshest critics in the world - nine-year-old kids - trust me that is when it really becomes honest, because they either eat it or they don't eat it."

The judges reveal many celebrity contestants think they are good cooks just because their food goes down well at dinner parties.

John said: "The mistake they're making is they listen to the people that love them. The fact is that anybody who loves you is not going to criticise you, anybody who loves you is not going to turn around and say your food is rubbish."

"We are here to be honest and that's all we can do. Your friends are always going to be nice to you, otherwise you're not get invited back to dinner.

Gregg agrees: "No one would be rude to critique or be rude about someone's food at a dinner party, that's the problem. Everyone will just struggle through it as much as they can and tell the host how lovely it is. That's your job as a guest."

John added: "And then go outside and have a pizza, and many people do."

:: Celebrity Masterchef begins on BBC One on Wednesday June 10 at 8pm.

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