Channel 5 Officially Buys Big Brother

Big Brother will get back to you. Many hoped these words would never again be uttered on British TV, but today Channel 5 gave them more gravitas; by reviving the axed reality show.

Rumours have been circulating for a while that the broadcaster, which recently commissioned a reality series about last year’s winner Josie Gibson, was keen to claim the UK rights to the once popular reality show. Now it’s official: Big Brother returns this summer.

It’s only been a year since the reality series ended its decade-long run on Channel 4. Around four million people tuned into the eleventh season finale, which was the second-least watched Big Brother season of all time. The series still had fans, but even those who disliked the show had an opinion on its much-publicised cancellation.

If you’re one of the haters hoping Big Brother will air for a year, be a ratings flop, and then disappear again you’re out of luck. Channel 5 have signed a two year contract with the show’s creators, Enedemol UK, which will see the show run until at least 2012.

Big Brother’s return, which will continue to be filmed at Hertfordshire’s Elstree Film Studios, starts with a celebrity version this summer. An original series with desperate and deluded "members of the public" will follow.

So now it’s official how do you feel? Will you give Big Brother another chance on Channel 5?

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