Channel Nine set to renovate The Block

The Block returns with Scott Cam as host." link="/the-block/show/28512/summary.html" target="_blank" loc="right">

Makeovers, real estate, soapie-style couples -- Nine revisits one of its biggest hit shows.

Remember Gav & Waz renovating in their underwear? Remember that laugh, Amity recording a pop record on the back of her reality career and bickering couples slamming doors and people up to their arms in plaster?

It's about to happen all over again.

Channel Nine has announced it is returning The Block to our screens.

And Domestic Blitz bloke Scott Cam will be the new host, replacing Jamie Durie who fronted the previous two seasons.

The series remains one of the most successful brands of the last decade. It regularly rated around 2.4 million viewers, a stellar figure in the realm of such shows as Underbelly.

The Block's combination of renovation and soapie-style casting ensured this was a series that captured the country's imagination in 2003. The renovation of the Bondi block kept us talking and had newspapers and magazines in a spin. When the show had its auction, more than three million of us were glued to the set.

A year later Nine revisited the concept with a fresh block and new couples in the Sydney beach-side suburb of Manly. It didn't quite match the water cooler status of the preceding season, but it was still a ratings success.

Nine even sold the format to a number of other countries. In the US it was known as The Complex: Malibu with ex-pat Aussie Eden Gaha and former Nine personality as its producer, but failed to fire. The creators later developed homeMADE and The Chopping Block for Nine, neither of which enjoyed any longevity.

But Nine now returns to the series with the recession behind us and the property market rapidly turning white hot.

It will again be hunting for four couples to renovate and live under the one roof (it is yet to reveal the suburb or city under the spotlight). No doubt Nine is looking rather enviously at the success of Seven's My Kitchen Rules as a show that demonstrates the audience will still connect with reality contestants if the magic is right.

If you want to audition for the show send an email to

The series will air on Nine later this year.

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Aug 19, 2011
Love the show it gives good ideas......all contestants are to be congratulated on the terrific job they have all done..... I'm putting my money (as the saying goes) on Ammie and Katrina... go girl power you have both had to endure a lot over the past few weeks..... GOOD LUCK TO ALL........ Lorraine
Mar 23, 2010
Yay!! I love the Block. Can't wait until they bring it back.

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