Charlie Sheen Frees Himself From Coupledom

... What a week for Charlie Sheen! Parties in New York! Parties in Los Angeles! A trashed hotel room! Hookers everywhere! Mounds of cocaine! It's probably pretty hard to live that kind of care-free life with a wife, so the Two and A Half Men star and Brooke Mueller are getting a divorce. Aww, Brooke, won't you give him a 134th chance? [US Magazine]

... Earlier this year, we were robbed of seeing two of the greatest reality show contestants in TV history in all the glory they deserve to be seen in: We had to settle for viewing The Amazing Race's Ivy League male a capella singers in standard definition. Well, CBS has finally realized its mistake. The next edition of the long-running series will be in HD. We want a do-over so we can see that watermelon in the face in 1080p. [The Live Feed]

... Salma Hayek is bringing another telenovela to American audiences. She's sold an adaptation of Los Roldan to ABC, where she previously produced telenovela-turned-series Ugly Betty. The new program centers on a poor man who scores a high-paying job after he saves the life of a powerful woman. But will there be a man in a bee suit? [Variety]

... Shonda Rhimes' new medical drama Off the Map will debut on January 12, a Wednesday. That's a day before her other shows, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. [Shonda's Twitter]

... Demi Lovato, Disney princess and star of Sonny With a Chance, is already cracking under the pressure of Mickey's demands. The 18-year-old pop star has dropped out of her tour with the Jonas Brothers to get treatment for emotional distress. A source told tabloids that she's battled eating disorders, bullying, and self-inflicted cutting. Yeesh! [People]

... The Hollywood Reporter has done a random poll, asking viewers about their late-night TV-watching habits, and guess what? Republicans and rich people like Jay Leno, and lonely heathens love Conan O'Brien! [THR]

... And now for your weekly dose of blog-being-turned-into-a-TV-show news. ABC has won the bidding war for Dealbreaker, based on a blog of the same name about things that make a date go from good to bad. Hooray for network desperation! [Deadline Hollywood]

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