Charlie Sheen Is Leaving Two and a Half Men

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... Okay, that headline probably should have had a question mark after it, but if People says it's true, it has to be true, right? Charlie Sheen is leaving the hit sitcom at the conclusion of this season, say "sources." Apparently he's "just done" with the show and wants to move on. Move on to what? A life filled with boozin' and whores? [People]

... When Lost fades to black (figure of speech) on May 23, it won't be the very last you'll see of the show. ABC is planning a post-Lost special edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, during which Lost cast members and producers will talk about the show. So when the finale is the most disappointing thing ever, you know where to hunt down the responsible parties. [The Live Feed]

... Law & Order is losing one of its vets. S. Epatha Merkerson has asked producers to write her character, Lt. Anita Van Buren, off the show at the conclusion of this season. After playing the same role for almost two decades, I'd want to be written off, too. [THR]

... Damages is one of the best shows on television that no one watches. Just like Friday Night Lights. And just like FNL, Damages may be working on some deal with DirecTV to share production costs in exchange for first-run rights. This whole situation could be avoided if you'd just trust me and watch the show, but nooooooooo, you'd rather watcher Rock of Love 2. Thanks a lot! [EW]

... Hey Joss Whedon nerds, you better call in sick to work next week. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and Angel are on Netflix on Demand in their entirety, meaning you can hide in your cave and rewatch the series with no commercials and no interruptions, just how you like them. [io9]

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