Charlie's Angels Reboot Closer to Happening

... ABC has ordered a pilot of the Charlie's Angels remake that's been in development for a while, meaning there are three killer roles for three smokin' hot babes looking for work. Former Smallville masterminds Miles Millar and Al Gough are behind the series, which will be set in Miami. [EW]

... Amber Tamblyn will be gone from House by the end of this season. The actress was brought on board to fill the void left by Olivia Wilde's time off while she worked on becoming a major A-list babe, so the move isn't exactly a surprise. [TV Line]

... Dominic Purcell, best known from his role as Lincoln Burrows on Prison Break, may be joining Starz's hack-and-slash drama Spartacus. Purcell is reportedly in talks to take over the lead role, which was vacated after star Andy Whitfield dropped out of the series after being diagnosed by cancer. Dominic certainly has the physical build for it. Seriously, the guy is built like a truck on steroids. [Deadline Hollywood]

... President Obama interrupted East Coast television schedules last night with his speech on the recent shooting in Arizona, sending networks scrambling for quick fixes. Here's what they came up with (from Zap2It):

ABC - The new episodes of Better With You and Cougar Town that were supposed to air last night were postponed until next week. The series debut of Off the Map is being re-aired tonight after Grey's Anatomy, bumping Private Practice.
Fox - The back-to-back Human Target episodes have been bumped to Friday night.
NBC - Chase was bumped back a week.

... HBO is bringing back Flight of the Conchords! Oh no, wait. It's two other awkward comedian musicians. The cable network is developing a show around the comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates, a pair of ladies who sing funny songs about stuff. Oh, just Google them if you really want to know what they do. [Variety]

... Bravo announced that it has renewed The Rachel Zoe Project, Flipping Out, The Millionaire Matchmaker, Bethenny Ever After, Work of Art, and some other shows I've never heard of. [NBC via press release]

... The much talked-about remake of The Rockford Files has stalled in development, meaning NBC will have to wait one more year before canceling it after two episodes. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Fox has ordered a pilot for I Hate My Teenage Daughter, a drama about a lawyer with Parkinson's Disease. Just kidding! It's a comedy about two women with daughters that behave just like the kids that picked on them in school. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Also at Fox, Nick Stahl has been cast in Locke & Key, the supernatural thriller based on the Joe Hill comic books of the same name. Stahl will play the role of Duncan, whose brother is murdered setting up the events of the show. [Digital Spy]

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