Checking Up on Some Buffy Alums

Michael Phelps was in another car accident. There are bombs in Baghdad. It's going 90 degrees again here in New York. Today is a lot of bad news. But! Here is some good news we got late in the day yesterday that's still making us happy: Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum James Marsters will be joining the cast of Sci Fi Syfy's Caprica for a few episodes. You know, that's that Battlestar Galactica prequel series all about what happened before the melancholy robots came and killed everyone.

So the lovable Spike from Buffy will be on what I'm hoping will be a smart, suspenseful science fiction series. Sounds ideal! It's always to see a Buffy alum making good.

Which makes us wonder. What's everyone else up to? You know, Buffy and Xander and Cordelia and, shudder, Dawn. Actually, most folks have been pretty busy.

Well, OK Nicholas Brendon, Emma Caulfield, and Charisma Carpenter aren't doing a whole hell of a lot (though Carpenter is in that crazy-sounding Sylvester Stallone movie The Expendables.) But other folks are doing just fine. Anthony Head just showed up as King Arthur's dad on that silly Merlin series. We all know that Alyson Hannigan is on that How I Met Your Mother laff riot. Of course David Boreanez has Bones and Seth Green has Family Guy (among other cartoon projects.) And little Dawnie Michelle Trachtenberg is set to make another annoying splash as queen bitch Georgina Sparks (sigh) on the next season of the Gossip Girl. So good for them.

But the one we're most excited about is Sarah Michelle Gellar's new HBO project The Wonderful Maladys. We're excited because the pilot is being directed by Mad Men and Sopranos vet Alan Taylor, and because the cast also includes terrific and underused actors like Adam Scott, Molly Parker, and Nate Corddry. It's a quirky, interesting group with a good creative team behind them. Plus it'll be nice to see Gellar get to stretch her legs in a series again.

Now all we need is to get some work for my beloved Emma Caulfield and I'll be pretty happy with how things turned out after Buffy got dusted.

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