Chevy Chase Has Been Expelled from Community

We may laugh at the on-camera antics of the Greendale Community College, but off-camera, the place is cursed. Cursed, I tell you! Chevy Chase, he of the angry phone call full of profanities and stubborn foot-dragging, is leaving Community and won't be returning, according to Deadline Hollywood. The decision was mutual, with both parties (Chase and Sony, the show's studio) agreeing that his departure was the best form of action.

No more Pierce Hawthorne. No more curmudgeonly racism. No more secret flasks inside of pens—Chase is leaving the show immediately. Luckily, most of Season 4 has already been filmed, meaning Pierce will only miss the last few episodes of the season.

I've always been more accepting of Pierce Hawthorne than most Community fans, so I'm bummed. I was also raised on Chevy Chase, growing up with movies like Fletch and Caddyshack. Heck, I even liked Funny Farm. However, I can't defend the allegations about his behavior behind the scenes, and if the show is better off with him leaving, that's the most important thing.

But can we all agree that even though Community is one of the most inventive comedies to hit television in the last decade, it's an utter mess, production-wise? Series creator Dan Harmon was fired at the end of last season, something that rarely happens in television. I'm sure the nuisance of Chase's disgruntled outbursts caused nothing but turmoil. The Community set must be one of the most bipolar places in Hollywood, if people are getting fired and arguing one minute and manifesting genius in episodes like "Remedial Chaos Theory" the next. What an absolute shame. And as much as it pains me to say this, there's no way NBC will renew Community for a fifth season or order more episodes beyond the 13 slated for Season 4. I just don't see it happening. I'M BUMMED, GUYS!

One more thing: How convenient that this news comes just as most people are in airport hell on their way to Thanksgiving dinner. Now, I'm not saying NBC and Sony TV are trying to bury it while Americans are busy spending time with their families, but okay yes that's exactly what I'm saying.

Farewell, Pierce. I will miss you.