Childrens Hospital Returns! Watch the Cast Explain Why the Show Is Their Favorite Gig (VIDEO)

If you prefer your comedy straight-faced and absurd—or maybe you pine for the days of Police Squad!, Strangers With Candy, or Kids in the Hall—there's currently no better bet on television than the consistently hilarious Childrens Hospital. Now entering its fourth season on Adult Swim (after a brief stint as an overachieving web series), Rob Corddry's ongoing, continuity-free exploration of the love lives and bad decision-making of the medical staff of Dr. Arthur Childrens Hospital long ago transcended its roots as a Grey's Anatomy parody and has come into its own as an all-purpose repository for ludicrous references. Season 4 alone will feature riffs on Memento, Contagion, Joaquin Phoenix's I'm Not There, and the trend of remaking foreign comedies for American audiences (an entire episode will be a "British version" of Childrens Hospital, featuring a complete re-cast that includes Lost's Dominic Monaghan and The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan)

But aside from being relentlessly inventive (and positively jam-packed with jokes), Childrens Hospital's primary appeal may just be how fun it looks for everyone involved. As it turns out, that perception ain't wrong. It's saying something that everyone in the (highly sought-after) cast prioritizes this relatively under-the-radar series over the bigger paychecks they could be taking home.

Last month at Comic-Con, the cast and crew of Childrens Hospital followed up their massively attended panel in the Hilton Ballroom with some quick roundtable Q&As; for us humble, comedy-nerd press. Check out the below video in which they tease the soon-to-premiere Season 4 (so many guest stars!), but more importantly watch how they effusively describe just how much they LOVE this show. It's seriously infectious! (Medical pun.)

Childrens Hospital returns Thursday, August 9 at midnight on Adult Swim.

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