Chris Chittell on Pollard marriage

The pair's marriage is currently in tatters, but it seems she's worked out the way back to her husband's heart - cash.

However, Chris told the soap's official website: "The terrible tragedy is you never forget - you forgive, but you never forget."

Chris explained that at the moment, his character wants nothing to do with his wife, played by Charlie Hardwick.

"There's only so much a good man can take and he's shown her that he's not to be tarried with," he said.

However, Val finds the perfect way to prove she does still care when she pays half of the proceeds from the pub's sale into his account.

Chris commented: "There's no blood inside the veins of Pollard, only money, and it's more or less the same in Valerie's veins, if she has any."

The plan works, and next week Pollard rushes off to Australia to be reunited with his wife - unaware she's actually been hiding out in the Emmerdale bed and breakfast.

But while he may be in a loving mood now, Chris feels the troubled couple's relationship will never really make a full recovery.

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