Chris Kattan Will Sell Cars on The Middle

Patricia Heaton’s upcoming sitcom on ABC, The Middle, about a typical Midwestern suburban family, just took a giant step forward, and so has Chris Kattan’s stalled television career.

The flamboyant funnyman from Saturday Night Live (1995-2003) –- known for many recurring characters, including Mango, Gay Hitler and Doug Butabi (one half of the Butabi Brothers of A Night at the Roxbury, with Will Ferrell) –- will play a car salesman who works in the same dealership as Heaton’s character, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Middle, slated for Wednesday nights this fall as part of a two-hour comedy block on ABC, is Kattan’s first regular TV job since leaving SNL six years ago. In the interim, he seems to have scraped by mostly with roles in made-for-TV movies such as 2006's Totally Awesome (a spoof of ’80s dance movies such as Footloose and Dirty Dancing that wasn’t half-bad, come to think of it), The Year Without Santa Claus (also 2006), and Gym Teacher: The Movie (2008).

Kattan was one of the most consistently funny members of the SNL cast during his era. It’s about time someone brought him back to TV so we can watch him regularly.

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