Chris Lilley reveals Angry Boys

Following on from Summer Heights High airing internationally, Chris Lilley has finally released details of his long-awaited new series, Angry Boys.

The new series will be produced by ABC and HBO in the US. It will also screen on the BBC.

The news is a major achievement for an Australian talent, and for Lilley it follows in the wake of New Zealand's Flight of the Conchords having their own US cable series.

Angry Boys will be a 12-part comedy, continuing Lilley's mockumentary that was so successful in Summer Heights High and We Can Be Heroes. The series will explore what it means to be a 21st century boy by putting the male of the species under the microscope. It will be shot in Australia and overseas locations and goes into pre-production on Monday October 5th.

Chris Lilley says he's been writing the new show for a long time. "There will be new characters and lots of surprises for the audience, and I'm really excited about having a longer-running series to work with."

Sue Naegle, president of HBO Entertainment, said "Chris Lilley combines a wicked sense of humour with fearless insights into human nature, which gives his comedy a universal appeal. We were thrilled to share Summer Heights High with the US audience and are sure that Angry Boys will connect with our subscribers and the media."

This week there was a casting call in the US for roles on the show including a model called LaFonda to be played by an African-American female aged 18-25, Carter an African-American male aged 50-65 and Corey a Japanese-American professional skateboarder aged 16-20. Maybe they could get Lilley to play all three?

Producer Laura Waters who will again join forces with Lilley said, "Angry Boys will be the biggest challenge and most fun we’ve ever had making a television show."

The series will premiere in Australia, naturally, before taking on the US and UK.

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Oct 02, 2009
You know I was just thinking what Lilley was up to next. This is great news, I was just in the UK and was shocked to hear that alot of people have seen Summer Heights High! can only hope that Angry Boys will be half as good as Summer Heights High and We Can Be Heroes.

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