Chuck: Episode Report Card

This week on Chuck, our hero traveled alone on a mission to Paris. His seat was first class, but was the episode? Here's our report card for "Chuck vs. First Class."

The Mission: Fly to Paris, and while en route, procure a glowing “CIA crypto key” from a badass Ring operative so the team can access a plastic lockbox that could just as easily be popped open with a screwdriver. Return without taking a single snapshot of the Eiffel tower or consuming a flaky croissant. Grade: C

Spy Training: No more “stay-in-the-car, Chuck" Chuck. He flew solo this week, succeeding with the help of lots of backup support, the Intersect, experience, and pure dumb luck. Grade: B+

Flashing: Nunchuks. Fencing. Recognizing that that large, menacing, scowling, scary-looking bald dude is... a bad guy (thank God for Intersect 2.0). Grade: B-

The Handlers: Sarah’s hotness meter dipped with modest wear and activities consisting of fretting over Chuck and remote jetplane flying. Casey made his presence known at the Buy More as Baldwin’s new enforcer, smacking down Lester’s insurgency with Manchurian Candidate-style efficiency. Grade: B

Awesome and Ellie: The pair had the week off. Maybe they're roadtripping in that Honda somewhere. Grade: N/A

Guest Stars: Brandon Routh’s Shaw showed there’s a man behind the Superman, but that man is still pretty friggin’ mysterious. Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk pulled out welcome acting chops as a super-cute, incredibly likable, so-wonderful-and-fresh-she-can’t-possibly-do-dirty-things-like-go-to-the-bathroom, potential girlfriend for Chuck. Bring on the love triangle! But is she all that she appears to be? Bring on the theories! Steve “Stone Cold” Austin got the job done, but don’t look for him on Masterpiece Theater anytime soon. Grade: B+

The Buy More: Last week’s shark-jumping Fight Club subplot was replaced by Morgan and Casey’s anti-insurgency efforts. Fun and plot-advancing. Grade: B

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