Chuck Gets BIG Full-Season Pickup

I'm not quite sure what you have to do to get canceled on NBC these days. A day after NBC predictably picked up The Event, Outsourced, and Law & Order: Los Angeles, the network has given a full-season order to veteran spy comedy Chuck and new action show Chase.

Chuck I get, as I explained yesterday in an article titled "Does Chuck Deserve a Full Season Pickup?" It's got a solid fan base, and though the ratings aren't great, at least they're not dropping like everything else. A steady line is considered great these days.

But Chase? I'm not sure why NBC is moving forward with that show even though last night's episode was up a decimal point in the ratings (to a whopping 1.6). I can't imagine it's a cheap show to make, cheap enough to look at a 1.6 and give it a thumbs at at least. A half-hour sitcom doing a 1.6 I understand, but an action series?

In addition, Undercovers got an order for four more scripts despite a very disappointing early run. At this stage, you'd have to be a really, really poor performing show to be canceled at NBC.

So Chase gets an additional nine episodes ordered for a 22-episode season, but Chuck will go even longer. NBC has added 11 episodes of Chuck, meaning 24 total episodes and a whole lotta opportunities for B-list actors to play Greta.

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