Chuck renewed!

Well I'll be! Chuck Bartowski has pulled some amazing stunts over his two seasons as primetime's most adorable spy, but this takes the cake. NBC has ordered a third season of the action-comedy Chuck despite unimpressive ratings over the past year.

The show's fate had been hanging by the fingertips, but thanks to vocal fans and rallying by the media to keep it on the air (more the former than the latter), Chuck will live on, reports

However, it won't be without consequences. Studios have granted the show a 13-episode order (a full season would be 22-24), and have requested that some writers and maybe even an actor be taken off the payroll. Several supporting actors will likely see their episode count cut down as well (expect more Buy More extras instead of the usual crew we're used to).

But that should be okay with Chuck fans, who should be happy that the show is back at all. Expect an official announcement tomorrow.

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