Chuck Revived, Trauma Dead at the Scene

...Oh look. Zombie Scrubs is starting on December 1st. Most of the old actors aren't back, but Dave Franco, little brother of movie star/out of control sex-fire James, will be a regular. The whole thing is about med school, rather than just the hospital. Will you watch? [Variety]

...The new "Syfy" network for weirdos, which has replaced the old Sci-Fi network for nerds, has picked up a show called Being Human, which is, in the way of all things these days, adapted from a British series. It's kind of a hilarious premise: Three cutesy twentysomething roommates all live together and everything's normal, except they're a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost. So it's sort of like that movie Van Helsing except hopefully it doesn't make you want to gouge your eyes out. Hopefully. [THR]

...All you spy-fanatics and Josh Schwartz devotees rejoice. Your holy grail, Chuck, has been picked up by NBC for six more episodes this season, bringing the full third season order to 19. That is good news for a relatively ratings-starved show that was almost canceled after its first go-around. All you accident scene-fanatics and, um, Dario Scardapane devotees mourn. Blow-'em-up then sew-'em-up medical action series Trauma has not received a further episode order. They'll finish out their original 13 and then be MedEvac'd to the great ICU in the sky. [THR]

...NBC's blood-red show-canceling pen now out of ink, the net has reached for its show-approving quill. And they've used it to greenlight... a show about a magic detective. Well, he's really more of an illusionist private eye. He's a master magician who's down on his luck and gets recruited by a shadowy branch of the government to help solve high-priority cases. So it's basically CSI: Gob Bluth. Well done as always, NBC. Well done. [Variety]

...Aww, that's nice. Even though they're like totally in a fight, right-wing mouthpiece Fox News is sitting down with Barack Obama's press secretary, a left-wing mouthpiece, to hash things out. See, the administration had criticized Fox for being biased, Fox had taken issue with that, etc. etc., everyone was mad. But now there are talks and things will get resolved. Thankfully Fox sought diplomacy rather than just going in and preemptively bombing and invading, as was their original plan. [THR]

...Speaking of Republicans, Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has sat down with ABC and hashed out a deal to keep him on the show for another two years. The agreement also includes provisions for Housewives to stay on the air until perhaps 2013, when the show's title will be changed to Resigned-to-Their-Lot-in-Life Widows. [Variety]

...They've tried mentoring. They've tried giving boys good role models as kids. They've tried classes. They've tried pretty much everything, and now it's up to reality TV, our last hope, to make men good fathers. Yes, VH1 has valiantly heeded the call to action and created Dad Camp in which "first-time fathers receive a crash course in grown-up responsibilities." Hillary Clinton's village has failed. Now it takes a reality show. [THR]

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