Chuck's chances changing?

Chuck Bartowski, you sly dog, you! While fans of NBC's Chuck hold onto hope for the show's renewal, common sense, history, and number-crunching led most to believe that the action-comedy was doomed. But as is the case with any good spy story, things aren't always what they seem.

Two of the industry's biggest trade magazines are now reporting that Chuck's chances for a third-season pickup are better, probably because of the incredible Internet support in recent weeks. Says The Hollywood Reporter, "…the chances of survival for the quirky soft-rated series have improved slightly." Variety was slightly more positive, saying, "…signs are pointing to a third-season pickup for Chuck."

We won't know for sure about NBC's 2009-2010 schedule until Monday, when the network presents the new slate for advertisers in New York. Until then, keep buying those Subway sandwiches!

As for the rest of NBC's schedule, the early buzz says Amy Poehler's Parks and Recreation and Southland (despite some pretty steep ratings erosion) will likely return next year. I'd pencil in Parks for fall and Southland for midseason.

The same can't be said for My Name is Earl, however, which is considered on its way out. There have been rumors that Fox, which produces the show, may sweep in and save it.

Community, the half-hour comedy pilot starring Joel McHale and Chevy Chase, is the only new show pretty much guaranteed a schedule spot.

So, Chuck fans. Are you nervous? Cautiously optimistic? Recklessly pessimistic?

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