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Chyler Leigh: Expect surprises in Grey's finale

As Dr. Lexie Grey on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, actress Chyler Leigh played a woman in the shadow of her older half-sister, Meredith Grey, during her first season. But as her skill as a surgeon has improved, so has her relationships and importance. Leigh spoke with TV.com about her character, the show's finale, and Lexie's juicy relationship with the resident stud, Dr. Mark Sloan.

TV.com: Chyler, your character and Doctor Sloan, they're on the rocks but also trying to take it to the next level with the relationship? Tell us more about what's going on there.

Chyler Leigh: As far as Lexie is concerned, she was actually quite surprised when Mark kind of comes up saying that he does want to take it to the next level. Obviously my character has a lot of feelings for him and cares about him very much, but she's also focused on her career and trying to get herself established and taken seriously. The timing of it is very interesting for her and it's definitely surprising. It'll be very fun to see these two next season. But the finale definitely raises a few eyebrows, I think.

TV.com: How do you like playing her character?

Chyler Leigh: I love it. I think she's an awesome character. She's very well rounded... and I think that her skill is very underestimated. So, I'm looking forward to seeing her blossom more as a doctor, as a surgeon. She definitely has a lot of skill and a lot of knowledge. And I think to be able to have that come into play more is going to be really fun to watch.

TV.com: Do you think her relationship with Meredith is going to get better now that she's coming into her own as a surgeon?

Chyler Leigh: Absolutely. The desperation of [forcing] a relationship with Meredith has definitely subsided and I think that there's a genuine respect that she has for Meredith. We will definitely see it getting stronger, as far as next season goes. Lexie's maturity has come quite far since she's been there. And with her relationship with Mark, he's instilling a lot of confidence in her as a person, but also as a doctor. And I think that once she gains even more of that, there will be even more mutual respect between the two--Lexie and Meredith. And I think that'll give them something more to bond with.

TV.com: How does she feel about her relationship with Mark? Does she know that Mark is a ladies man, and does she trust him?

Chyler Leigh: She's well aware of the reputation, and she does trust him. She can say what she needs to say and she doesn't necessarily have reservations as far as letting him know how she feels. And I think that's kind of a first for her. She kind of had her thing with George--I think for her to be confident in how she feels about somebody else was a big step for her. From the get go, she didn't have any problems saying what she needed to. And I think that it was pretty well received from somebody who is as seemingly confident as Mark.

TV.com: What can we expect to see in the season finale?

Chyler Leigh: All I can say is there are a lot of unexpected surprises that come up in the finale. It's a really, really powerful episode and there's so many big moments for all the characters. And, gosh, I guess that's kind of all I can say. It's just a teaser!

TV.com: What's been your favorite plot line or episode of Grey's Anatomy?

Chyler Leigh: Tough question. Personally, I think the relationship with Mark is definitely a favorite of mine, just because of how much it changes both characters and how much it's maturing and growing them in ways that I don't think they necessarily expected.

TV.com: Thanks for speaking with us, Chyler!

Chyler Leigh: Absolutely, my pleasure!

The season finale of Grey's Antomy airs tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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the 100th episode and this 2 hour finale episode brought this show back to life! I hope ratings go back up because this show is officially back on top!
Well we shall see if they move in together
Can't wait for this one!
She should take over the show and get rid of the other Grey.
yess. i cant wait. it will be just as amazing as lost was last night!

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