City Homicide in limbo

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City Homicide's future hangs in the balance." link="/city-homicide/show/74552/summary.html" target="_blank" loc="right">

Channel Seven confirms last week's news that City Homicide is to be cancelled.

City Homicide is due to finish filming its fourth season on November 12, with the status of the new season currently in limbo, pending word from the big wigs at Seven.

Director of programming and production Tim Worner said: "In the days of old, its renewal would have been a no-brainer. But in this multi-channel environment these decisions are not as clear cut as they once were."

"City Homicide is a gripping drama that has continued to improve and develop through each of its 84 episodes." Worner said of the series which stars Noni Hazlehurst, Shane Bourne, Nadine Garner and Aaron Pedersen.

It will remain part of Seven's prime time schedule until the end of the current ratings period, with official confirmation of season five's status to be made in the New Year.

However, fans need not fret with news that the police drama will get a six-part mini series in 2011 called No Greater Honour.

Created by John Hugginson, John Banas and Alix Beane, the series will guest star Claire Van Der Boom, Marcus Graham, John Howard, and Graeme Blundell, as they follows a brutal murder from the past which returns to haunt the team.

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