City Homicide's team player

David Field, who plays Detective Superintendent "Terry Jarvis" on City Homicide, is full of praise for his co-stars. The ensemble is part of the attraction that drew him to the show.

"One of the things I liked about what I saw was that it didn't feel like the actors were working for themselves. There's a really great sense of working for the other actor. And that's a refreshing thing to be around," he says.

"The new guys who have just come in have slotted in really well too. It gives it a new chemistry which is nice."

This season he is enjoying an increased presence as the most senior cop, while Noni Hazlehurst has taken some time out for theatre work.

While Field is full of praise for newcomers Nadia Townsend and John Adams, the same can't be said for what "Terry Jarvis" thinks of his homicide team. Field says there is a clear line of distinction between "Jarvis'" approach to work and socialising.

"I don't think he either likes or dislikes the team. It's a matter of whether he thinks they're any good.

"He tries to remain impartial to them. Ultimately, he gets affected by them. He thinks he's beyond these people whom he works with."

Accordingly, there aren't many times when his character can be found fraternising with his workmates.

"I think there's one episode where I say 'C'mon the drinks are on me!' But you never see him when they're having drinks. He's never there. And they would never ask him either."

Field, who is Sydney-based, says that he doesn't take such characteristics beyond the screen to achieve the character's aloofness. If anything it is leaving the mostly-Melbourne team each week and returning to family that creates a little distance.

"There's a distance that naturally happens because of the way I'm employed," he says. "So these things work for you, anyway. But I don't have to go into some sort of massive method situation."

City Homicide airs 8:30pm Mondays on Seven.

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