Classic Holiday Clip: A Historically Accurate Gilmore Girls Christmas

Gilmore Girls

"The Bracebridge Dinner"

When an out-of-town group cancels, nearly everyone from Stars Hollow is invited to attend a historical Christmas dinner at the Independence Inn. In true Gilmore Girls fashion, mild drama ensues. Bonus: This time we've got the full episode!'s 12 Days of Holiday Videos Countdown

12. Friends' Holiday Armadillo
On the first day of our holiday video countdown, we gave you a favorite Friends clip.

11. Night Court puts Santa on trial
On the second day of our holiday video countdown, Kris Kringle ended up in court.

10. Northern Exposure’s Northern Lights
On the third day of our holiday video countdown, Chris the DJ prophet lit up Cicely during the darkest time of the year.

9. Chris Rock recalls a Christmas past
On the fourth day of our holiday video countdown, Everybody Hates Chris landed in hot water at Christmastime.

8. The Daily Show's Hanukkah highlight reel
On the fifth day of our holiday video countdown, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert reflected on the Festival of Lights.

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it say's the video isn't available right now. I'll check back later.
Gilmore girls and friends.
The Holiday Armadillo is number one for me.

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