Clunes 'I have to see my shows'

Martin Clunes says he makes himself
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Martin Clunes feels compelled to watch episodes of Doc Martin.

The Bafta-winning actor, who plays the cantankerous GP in the ITV show, doesn't like seeing himself on the small screen.

He said: "I don't like watching myself but I put myself through it, I think it's only fair if I ask other people (to watch) .. if there's a bit with a stunt or medical procedures, I like watching that."

Martin - who is promoting the DVD release of the fourth series of the drama - said of the stunt scenes: "I'm keen to see how good I am at those, and to check that I did it right. It's a bit like looking at your poo in the morning, it's a morbid fascination with the human conditions."

:: Doc Martin series 4 is available on DVD now.

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Aug 17, 2012
We enjoy this show so much. Will there be any new episodes?
Mar 12, 2011
Your show is awesome it is refreshing to say the least. We can hardly wait to see it.

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