Clunes unsure about sixth series

Martin Clunes doesn't know about sixth
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Martin Clunes says the highly anticipated sixth series of Doc Martin is up in the air.

The award-winning actor, who plays the title role in the ITV drama, said the fifth series is being written, but the sixth season has not yet been confirmed.

"We've talked about a sixth series - they talk quite firmly about it but we'll see," he said.

"It'd be awful if it just got bad because we're flogging it out and churning things, but we do it every other year because it takes so long to get written so we can keep it fresh."

Martin wouldn't like a happy ending for the grumpy Doc and Louisa, who's expecting his child.

"I'd like to see him being a father - I think he would be awful and there might be some fun there," he said. "I think we're going to experiment with them cohabiting with an infant in tow, which is going to be disastrous."

He added: "I like to see him fail and be punished. If things are going too well, I'll walk him into a door frame or something just to punish him."

The huge success of the show - the fourth series has been released in DVD - is a huge surprise to him.

"We hoped people would like it but it's been gratifyingly successful. It's all been a lovely surprise," he said.

:: Doc Martin series 4 is available on DVD now.

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Jan 18, 2012
Please, please, pleeeeeze announce that a 6th season will be devloped and broadcast for us to enjoy! Doc Martin's characters are so very well defined and portrayed... I have seen ALL episodes from Season 1 thru 5... and I can't bear to think that this series won't go on to Season 6 and hopefully beyond.

Thanks to everyone connected with this always pleasing program, especially MARTIN CLUNES. Bravo!!!

Peggy, downtown Chicago IL
Jul 12, 2010
I came across the series of Doc Martin when I started using the Satelite Dish.

I have enjoyed all of what I was able to receive through the S.D.

I'm always hoping for more episodes....Keep up the good work.

I'm Eveline Langlois from Quebec. Canada

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