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Code Blue for Scrubs

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...Uh oh, this isn't good news. ABC has decided to "double-up" on flailing sitcoms Better Off Ted and Scrubs: We're In Medical School Now For Some Reason. That's industry jingo-jango for airing two episodes instead of one each week, thus working through the ordered episodes faster, thus being able to dump the show more quickly. This makes it unlikely that either show will get renewed for another batch of episodes. A shame. [THR]

...Yesterday we heard about Awkward Situations for Men, a new comedy from an English guy or whatever. And today we look at something impending called Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid, a book-based comedy just greenlighted by ABC. So the same network is doing the whole awkward situations thing and the whole stupid thing and the whole crazy thing and basically we are going to be learning a lot of (funny) stuff about men and women from TV next year. Which is good, because who wants to actually, like, interact with people in order to learn stuff? No one, that's who! [THR]

...Here is a wonderful clip of the delightful TV and film actress Betty White dressed up as Santa and being funny on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. God bless this wonderful lady. [EW]

...Diane Sawyer debuted last night as the new anchor of ABC's Nightly News. The Times thinks she was brusque and to the point. Katie Couric said "Yeah, it was fine, but where's the zazz??" [NYT]

...OK, you might not care about this, but you should. A fellow named Chris Albrecht has just been named the head of cable payer Starz. Albrecht is the famous former HBO honcho who basically steered the network through its salad days—your Sopranos and Wire and Sex and the City years, specifically. So he's a big deal, and hopefully a huge coup for Starz. That mostly-ignored network has quietly been building a stable of original programming, and their biggest one yet, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, just got renewed for a second season before even airing. So we might want to brace ourselves for something big. Plus, you know, this news helps Albrecht distance himself from all that unpleasantness. (Not that he should be allowed to do that, because what he did was terrible. But separate of that, he is a talented premium channel runner. But, yes, still pretty much an awful person.) [Variety]

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