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Comedy Central Rescuing Two Canceled Network Comedies

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...The return of Stringer Bell! The much-deserving Idris Elba, from The Wire and a stint on The Office, is developing a legal series with a Battlestar Galactica writer. It's about a vigilante lawyer who does what he needs to get his job done and blah blah, legal snooze. But still! Good for Idris. [THR]

...I don't know if there are any fellow Olympics nerds out there, but the rollout to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games is getting started, and it is very exciting. On Nov. 4th NBC will run a one-minute promo for the Games across all of its networks, right when primetime starts. The network will also be airing many of the World Cup events that can determine Winter Olympic participation for many athletes. This could help build up little mini-celebrities and fan favorites going into the Games, which are often populated with unknowns, due to the less-than-scrutinized nature of the bulk of the Winter events. I mean, who among us avidly follows the ski jumping circuit? [THR]

...The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson lost power during a taping last night. Sort of embarrassing for the already low-budge nighttime laffer. Oh no no, calm down crazed commenter, I'm not saying that Craig Ferguson is low-budge. He's great. But his show is a little... bare bones. You can't argue with that. Anyway, he handled the situation with aplomb, as always. [EW]

...Comedy Central is trying to corner the market on canceled network cartoon shows, apparently. They just snapped up Mike "King of the Hill" Judge's The Goode Family for some new episodes, after its very brief run on ABC. The network is also in talks to acquire Sit Down, Shut Up, a school-set comedy that ran very briefly on Fox last season. Both series have good pedigrees, with Judge and Sit creator Mitch Hurwitz, so Comedy Central could be going into business with some really good people. Plus, Cheri Oteri! [Variety]

...The Disney Channel keeps mouse-scurrying further and further into the world of musical comedy. Or rather shows with music and "comedy" in them. Their latest pickup is for a show called Dance Dance Chicago, about a group of Dance Dance Revolution-crazed Japanese kids who are blown up to amazing size by a nuclear accident and attempt to destroy Chicago with their sick dance moves. Well, I wish that's what it was about. It's actually about some kids who work as background dancers on an American Bandstand-esque show. So it's basically American Dreams, only because it's on Disney, cheesier. Yes, cheesier than American Dreams. You didn't think it was possible, but it is. [THR]

...While her first starring-role movie Precious gets crazy Oscar buzz, newcomer Gabourey Sidibe is lining up more work. She may guest in the first episode of Laura Linney's Showtime pilot The C Word, as a troubled teen trying to lose weight. So, not terribly far from the woefully dingy environs of Precious, but it's a start. [Variety]

...Oh, and, yay. Glee has won its first award, for the diversity of its cast. [Variety]

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