Comedy pilots land on Fox, CBS

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Back in late October last year, Anglophiles shrieked in horror when it was revealed that (another) one of the UK's beloved cult comedies was being imported and remade for American audiences. This time the show was Spaced and the importer was producer-director McG's Wonderland studios.

Aside from annoying hardcore fans of Spaced, the news also riled its creators Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, better known as the team behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

Now the Americanization of the comedy, which follows a man and a woman who pretend to be in a relationship in order to get an apartment, is one step closer to complete. Fox has officially picked up a pilot of the show (feel free to vent in the comments section below), according to Mediaweek.

Speaking of venting, Pegg released a statement on his Web site regarding the American Spaced, and his thoughts weren't pretty. Although Pegg admits that he will be getting some form of compensation, he says his problem with the whole thing is more about respect than money.

"My main problem with the notion of a Spaced remake is the sheer lack of respect that Granada/Wonderland/Warner Bros. have displayed in respectively selling out and appropriating our ideas without even letting us know," wrote Pegg.

However, it isn't all bad news for the show that mocked movies, music, and video games. News of Spaced's pickup also revealed that the original 14 episodes of the show will be coming to DVD in the US, according to The street date for the box set is scheduled for July 23, which should give viewers plenty of time to see Spaced in its original glory and set a benchmark for the American version to not live up to.

Fox will also be going across the pond for inspiration for another sitcom. The network has picked up a pilot for an American version of Outnumbered, a comedy about a husband and wife dealing with their nest of three rowdy children. The show debuted in 2007 and currently airs on BBC One.

Finally, CBS continued its push toward pilots--the network added four last week--by picking up Single White Millionaire, says The Hollywood Reporter. The comedy comes from Ricky Blitt, who crafted the short-lived 2007 Rob Corddry comedy The Winner. Millionaire features a wealthy 30-something looking to settle down.

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