Comic-Con 2010: Family Guy

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The panel: Members of the creative team (Steve Callaghan, Kara Vallow, Mark Hentemann, yes MacFarlane) and voice actors Seth Green, Alex Borstein, and Patrick Warburton, aka Joe, aka The Tick.

Show, Not Tell: The panel kicked off by screening part of the next Return Of The Jedi spoof, It's A Trap!. Plenty of standard satire ensued, including cameos from American Dad's Roger, Klaus, and a clip from Caddy Shack. Plus: a sock puppet. The show may get bogged down in tangents and references, but It's A Trap! fared well with plenty of both.

What They Talked About: Pretty boring stuff, actually. Most of the questions involved things like, "When are we going to see XXX again?" or "How long will we have to wait to see XXX again?" They also spoke about upcoming plot points: Stewie tries to kill Santa Claus, Lois is in a porn, and the hour-long season premiere is an homage to Clue.

Most Valuable Panelist: Alex Borstein, for her candor. She mentioned sodomy a few times (playing off Seth MacFarlane joking he wanted to tell the young attendees what it was), and had a brilliant retort to the question, "Are you going to make spoofs of the Star Wars prequels?" MacFarlane said they were too busy, and Borstein shot back: "And they sucked." Then, in response to MacFarlane talking about why he spends most of his time on Family Guy, she said, "It's like after you have your first kid, your vagina is stretched to the memory of that first head."

Best Question From The Audience: No really good ones, but see above for the prequel one, because at least it elicited a big response.

Missing In Action: Mila Kunis, who the rest of the panel praised for her beauty and admitted how much fun it was to beat up hideous Meg, knowing MIla was the woman behind the voice.

But Wait, There's More: MacFarlane closed the show by singing "Down Syndrome Girl" as Stewie. It's amazing how he can hold a note with that voice. Plus Warburton told a story about how he ate some dog food once on a bet, only to learn there was a mad cow disease going around in said food. So he might die later, but in typical deadpan, admitted he told his kids he was going to off himself should he contract the disease.

The Bottom Line: I would have liked to have heard more from 90 percent of the panelists who weren't Borstein or MacFarlane, which could have been accomplished with some pre-audience questions from the moderator. But overall, good times were had.

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