Comic-Con 2010: Hawaii Five-0

The Panel: First the creative team, which includes Len Wiseman, Bob Orci, Peter Lenkov, and Alex Kurtzman. And then two members of the cast, both Comic-Con favorites: Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) and Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica).

Show, Not Tell: We saw a few scenes from the upcoming CBS series, mostly introductions to the characters—or re-introductions since all of them appeared, in one form or another, on the original Hawaii Five-0 series. It began with the tense first meeting between Danno (Scott Caan) and McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin). Then we got some insight into Kim’s Chin Ho and Park’s Kona. Alas, only the latter displayed a rockin’ bikini bod.

What They Talked About: “Not everything should be remade or rebooted,” Orci said. “Sometimes you have to know what eggs to break, what to keep and what to make the same.” The Hawaii Five-0 panel served to please fans of the original series—who probably got a kick out of the “Book ‘em, Danno!”—and newcomers—who may just not want to live in a world without Kim or Park on their televisions. As someone who’s never seen an episode of the classic show (I know, I’m terrible), it was nice to get some background information.

Most Valuable Panelist: I’d have to go with Kim, if only because he was gracious enough to answer plenty of Lost questions. Look, Hawaii Five-0 will probably be a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to it, but I’ve been desperate to hear a Lost cast member reflect on the finale since it aired.

Best Question From the Audience: I was kind of charmed by the young girl who reflected, “I’m 12 years old and I’ve been watching Lost since the beginning, so I’ve been watching it for half my life.” OK, that has nothing to do with Hawaii 5-0—nor is it a question. But it definitely beats the guy who asked if Park would have many more scenes in bikinis. In the future, please be skeezy on your own time. To her credit, Park later intoned, “I want the guys in bikinis.” Yes! Eye candy for all.

Missing in Action: Caan and O’Loughlin. Um, hello, aren’t they the stars? Plus, Moonlight fans probably had questions for O’Loughlin. There are at least a few people who remember that show, right?

Most Exciting News: While Hawaii 5-0 will be a police procedural—God knows we need more of those—I was pleased to hear Orci say, “We love the idea of actually being able to delve into the characters.” I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired of series that resctrict themselves to mysteries of the week. They’re fun for a while, but there have to backstories, character arcs, and season-long conflicts for me to maintain my interest. More good news: there will be both Chin Ho- and Kona-centric episodes, for those of you tuning in just for Kim and Park.

Quotables: I liked the introduction Kim got—“Those murderers Damon and Carlton may have killed him on Lost, but he is alive in the flesh today.” And from Kim himself, also in reference to his former series, “I’m really happy to be on a show that has a theme song.”

But Wait, There’s More!: Do you care if I talk about Lost again? Doubt it. Kim reflected on the show’s conclusion—particularly the fates of Sun and Jin. (So, you know, spoiler alert.) “I felt the two of them were bound to have a tragic ending,” he admitted. “They had gone through so many ups and downs. There was something beautiful and poetic about the fact that they gave up their lives for one another.”

The Bottom Line: Honestly, I enjoyed the panel, but I’m not all that enthused by Hawaii Five-0. It looks entertaining, and I like the cast enough to tune in. But the reflections Kim made on Lost were clearly a highlight for me—and for a large chunk of the audience as well.

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