Comic-Con 2010: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The Panel: Charlie Day, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney (yes, he was wearing sleeves), Kaitlin Olson, Danny DeVito, and—for the last 10 minutes—David Hornsby, who plays Cricket.

What We Saw: An entire episode from Season 6! It's called "Who Got Dee Pregnant?" and features flashbacks to Halloween (wherein Dennis is dressed like Luigi from Mario Brothers and Charlie is dressed like the Phantom of the Opera), Frank having sex in a Dumpster, and a running joke about Dee looking like a bird.

What They Talked About: Not much, because the the panel started late and consisted mostly of the episode screening. There was only time for a few audience questions, and that was that. However: Prior to the panel, I was lucky enough to interview the cast in their dedicated press room (look for the videos soon!)—so here's a bit of what I learned about Season 6:

... Greenman will not be returning. Boo!
... But Artemis, the McPoyles, and Carmen—Mac's girlfriend-with-a-wiener—will.
... Mac, Dennis, and Charlie will buy houseboat after getting rich off the Dick Towel.
... Charlie will get kicked out of the gang.
... Charlie and Frank will get married.
... The resolution of Dee's pregnancy arc (which will of course last more than one episode) will be "like nothing you've ever seen before."

Most Valuable Panelist: The very hilarious, very beautiful, and very pregnant Kaitlin Olson. When she couldn't come up with an eloquent response for an audience question about the inspiration behind Sweet Dee, she took a cue from the crowd's shouts and answered "Boner. My answer is boner." Also see the "Quotables" section, below.

Best Question from the Audience: "Is Cricket dead?" But only because the the whole cast responded, practically in unison, "No, he's here!" and pulled Hornsby onto the stage for the remainder of the panel. Runner-up: Something to McElhenney about how Mac would keep a Comic-Con panel secure, which elicited the following (paraphrased) response: "If you're asking that because you're thinking about rushing the stage, I'd say that that's a security concern. But obviously I've already assessed the situation and determined that you're not a threat, so go sit down before I kick your ass."

Missing In Action: Greenman, although there were several imposters in the audience.

Most Exciting News: There wasn't any, really.

Quotables: When one audience member asked, "You guys are always drinking/drunk on the show; are you Method actors?" most of the cast denied drinking while filming—except for Olson, who said, "I did. This goddamn baby's really ruined a lot." In response to a question about how much improvising they do on-set, Howerton said, "We script out everything and then just dick around." And when asked about dream guest stars, McElhenney chimed in with "Mel Gibson. He seems like a lot of fun to be around."

But Wait, There's More! Charlie and Glenn sang a short reprise of "Dayman," so that was pretty cool. And when asked how they all came together to work on the show, the whole cast contributed to an ad-libbed backstory that involved a massive orgy being filmed by DeVito... on a spaceship.

The Big Picture: The episode we saw is excellent. But the panel itself was far, far too short.

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Jul 28, 2010
Oh I love that show....
Jul 27, 2010
The McPoyles will be back? I've missed those guys a lot.
Jul 27, 2010
cant wait for the new season!
Jul 27, 2010
Dayman, ahhhaaaahhhhhhh, fighter of the Nightman!

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