Comic-Con 2010: The Cleveland Show

The Panel: The entire cast of the show, including creators Mike Henry and Seth MacFarlane.

What We Saw: Clips from future episodes, including a scene where Cleveland plays basketball against Barack Obama. (Heard of him?)

What They Talked About: Nothing, really. They did a table read of a forthcoming episode that takes place at Comic-Con (it wouldn't be the first Con-themed animated episode of the day; stay tuned), which included David Schwimmer, plenty of Twilight slams, and a bunch of lines for Robert Rodriguez.

Most Valuable Panelist: Kevin Michael Richardson, who delighted panel-goers with impressions of James Gandolfini and provided voices for the majority of the table read's miscellaneous characters.

Best Question From The Audience: None, though at one point someone quoted the creepy neighbor from Family Guy, and Mike Henry—who does that voice—responded back in character.

Missing In Action: Jason Sudekis, who appears fairly regularly. I guess he's too cool for school.

But Wait, There's More!: Henry rapped in character as Cleveland, and the verbal barrage included a few Cleveland Steamer jokes.

The Bottom Line: A snoozer. The panel was ridiculously short (meaning not many audience questions and a general lack of banter) and the table read was about as exciting as watching paint read from a Cleveland Show script. I spent most of the time anticipating Futurama.

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