Comic-Con 2011: Ringer

The cast and producers of the upcoming CW mystery series Ringer were at Comic-Con Thursday to discuss the series and answer audience questions. Well, not too many: Even the actors are in the dark about where the story—which centers on Bridget impersonating her twin sister Siobhan to escape the mob—will end up. We had the chance to speak to stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ioan Gruffudd, Kristoffer Polaha, and Nestor Carbonell, as well as producers Eric Charmelo, Nicole Snyder, and Pam Veasey.

On how much is already plotted out:

“When we pitched it, we had three seasons of ideas kind of percolating. Obviously things evolve once you’re in a room, but we’re playing with time and perspective so it gives us some latitude.” – Charmelo

“When Nicole and Eric came in and pitched me the show, they really had the first three seasons all mapped out, again subject to change. But they definitely had it. I sort of came in right after that.” – Gellar

On not knowing what’s next:

“Now I can’t do a show if I know too much about the character. … But I love it. I love not knowing. And then also what we were talking about before, you’re not necessarily tipping what you ultimately might be. And I like that. I like creating my own history as I go along.” – Carbonell

“You can’t ever know anything, because based on the reaction, what the fans are liking, things are going to change. Nothing is written in stone.” – Gellar

“We have been given sort of broad strokes, but those could change within two episodes. We’re currently shooting the second episode, so I don’t know what the third episode is going to look like. At the moment, you can see from the pilot there are a few questions that are left unanswered. There will be questions that we’ll leave unanswered till the end of the season.” – Gruffudd

On answering the show's questions:

“Each time we answer something we’re going to open up a new window and ask a new question. But we’re into answering! We really enjoy coming to our answers and explaining things and pushing the story forward. The first thought was, how can you sustain that if you’re going to answer everything? But the stories keep growing.” – Veasey

On the inspiration behind the show:

“A lot of De Palma films were inspirations. The Last Seduction was a big inspiration.” – Charmelo

“There’s a lot of good TV on that inspires us. We’re so excited that Breaking Bad is back, and that’s a big influence. It’s always, what would Breaking Bad do, and how can we be like that?” – Snyder

On what the cast and creators are watching:

“Oh, I love Gossip Girl. I mean, come on. How can you not? And I love me some America’s Next Top Model. I’ve learned everything I know from Tyra. I’m smizing right now, as a matter of fact.” – Gellar

“I watch a lot of news … I don’t watch enough.” - Carbonell

“You know what it is—when you work on a television show, it’s the only time you actually have time to watch other television shows. That’s what I’ve realized. I watched a lot of TV when I was doing Buffy, because you sit in your trailer and watch.” – Gellar

On casting:

“[Sarah Michelle Gellar] was on board from the beginning. She came on as a producer, and she was in the trenches with us throughout the casting process.” – Charmelo

“Well, basically I thought, I’m gonna produce a show. Let me get the most good-looking, talented, kind, generous, family men I can find, and there we go!” – Gellar

“In February, Ioan got cast, and I was like, that’s Mr. Fantastic! I got to get on that.” – Polaha

“When we knew Sarah Michelle was attached, that was the biggest draw to the project—as much as the brilliant script that we both read. The package was just too attractive to turn down.” – Gruffudd

On genre stars Gellar and Carbonell:

“You use it to your advantage ‘cause they have a built-in audience, so that’s always great. But with that comes big responsibility, because it’s their legacy that you have to live up to. We hope we do right by them.” – Charmelo

“They’re just phenomenal actors who won’t be put in a box. Even though they’re known for former roles, they have fleshed out these roles and they’re really different and real and wonderful. I think people will learn to love Bridget and Siobhan.” – Snyder

“Nestor will age on this show … Bridget and Siobhan come from a very different world than Buffy Summers, and they’re living currently in very different worlds, very different stories. I just think the characters are night and day. … No vampires, but lots of action.” – Snyder

“I think you pick characters who—not in a similar vein, but do appeal to the same audience. I say it’s a cross between Buffy and Cruel Intentions. A good combo.” – Gellar

On the fans:

“None of us would be here without the fans. I mean, specifically for my show, we were a midseason replacement on the WB based on a failed movie. I mean, let’s be honest, our odds were not very good. It was the fans. It was the fans fighting for us and talking about us and keeping us present that made people tune in to the show, so those are the people you want to honor. Those are the TV fans. That’s why you do it.” – Gellar

On the switch from CBS to The CW:

“They embraced it, as they should. I mean, they didn’t say you have to start over.” – Veasey

“They’re definitely trying to take that age range and broaden it, and at the same time, still honor the fans. Look, I’m in my thirties and I’m a very big CW watcher. It’s not just a network for young girls. What’s nice for us about it is, we can take things a little bit farther and experiment a little bit more than I think we could have on CBS, because CBS does have a formula. It does have a very specific kind of audience that you have to adhere to.” – Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar was on the WB—or the CW, basically—for Buffy, and it’s in a way a homecoming for her. And the CW frankly has laid out the red carpet for the show … My buddy Jensen Ackles is on Supernatural, and while the numbers aren’t amazing every week, ratings-wise—the numbers wouldn’t allow that show to survive on any other network. But the network has gotten behind it. … It’s almost become this boutique network that services this type of show extremely well, so I think it’s a great fit.” – Polaha

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I'm glad that they seem to be very conscious of the current perceptions of the CW and are trying to work to make a great show that will stretch the boundaries of their current market to try and draw a more sophisticate audience, while not ignoring the base.
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fingers crossed!
sarah says the show is a cross between buffy and cruel intentions.i do see alot of cruel intentions in it.the show seems to have the lying and keeping secrets.far as the buffy thing i can see maybe her character take up something to defend herself.i mean there is a clip of her with a gun and a clip of her falling throw a roof.i cant wait...
I hope this is a good show for SMG. I want her to have a good TV comeback.
So excited for this show :) Sarah <3
Sarah Michelle Gellar is Awesome!!!!!!! I look forward to watching her in the new show Ringer!
Yay! So cool!
Wow this is awesome! I'm excited to see Sarah Michelle Gellar back on television.

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